Wasatch Front Reflections

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Utah Reflections: Stories from the Wasatch Front

Perhaps no other area of Utah reflects the state's expansive diversity as clearly as the Wasatch Front. Utah Reflection: Stories from the Wasatch Front captures the heritage and identity of this self-defining part of the state. These personal stories are grounded in the mountains, waters, deserts and cities of a distinctive geography, from Cache Valley to Salt Lake City to Provo. Contributors include Lance Larson, Katharine Coles, Phyllis Barber, Sylvia Torti, Chadd VanZanten, Pam Houston and Terry Tempest Williams, as well as other exciting established and new voices. Each piece was thoughtfully selected as part of a sweeping panorama of cultural history and the traditions of a people bound to the region to show what makes the Wasatch Front unique, prosperous and beloved.

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Wasatch Front Reflections